At the age of 17, Kanjibhai Zinzuwadia set up his jewellery boutique at Turkha Village in Western India in 1890’s. He found it interesting to work with metals and the daily requirements of creativity in jewellery appealed him and he decided to take on the voyage from his 1000 square feet manufacturing facility cum boutique. His objective to create jewellery was for adornment, ceremonies, trade, gods and godesses. He started making simple jewellery as compared to other cultures with simple workmanship, however, as the time took a leap, the designs grew in complexity and in conjunction with gold jewellery, he started using precious stones and uncut diamonds and tried to modernize the culture. 

He was a very ethical businessman down to the core and always worked with professional acumen which was extremely rare a quality to find in those days. He was a visionary. He was also looked upon by the people of his village and community as a judge. He instantly threw a solution to the social problems in his times and thus enjoyed the status of a leader and a judge too. He also did a lot of social service for his community and village and till date his grand sons are maintaining the order.

The legacy of Kanji Dada was carried down by his son Mansukhbhai Kanjibhai Zinzuwadia in Turkha village itself. Mansukh Dada played a significant role in expanding the business in Turkha and surrounding towns. Shantibhai Mansukhbhai Zinzuwadia who is son of Mansukh Dada decided to modernize the business and forayed into importing machineries and thus, successfully tried to add flavor to the art existing in those days. Later, he migrated to Ahmedabad which is one of the fastest growing cities in India.

Fourth generation of Kanji Dada – Rashminbhai Zinzuwadia, who educated from Gujarat University B.A. History, always dreamt of living the legacy of Kanji Dada and hence ventured into  RSZ Jewels which is looked by himself and his two younger siblings namely Snehal Zinzuwadia and Sandip Zinzuwadia.

The trio have reached out major Indian metros and important destinations in pan India too. They are into manufacturing of Gold and Heritage jewellery. Their unit is equipped with state-of-art equipments and artisans who are well trained and qualified in designing and manufacturing the jewellery.

To sum up, Kanji Dada’s distinguished glory and legacy flourishes yet today and lived by RSZ.